The Macro Allotment

In my attempts to become a happier person, I’ve tried to take pleasure in the little things in life; whether it is a one-liner from one of the kids, the splash of water on the deck outside as I write this, or the simple beauty of a tiny narcissus flower. It’s hard to get into this mindset, but when you do, you begin to see the world in a new light.

Going to the allotment on a regular basis means you can appreciate the little details and subtle changes of the crops. I try to include this in the photos I take, but it’s hard to capture the minutiae, especially when using my iPhone for all the photos on the blog. However, I’ve invested in a new clip-on macro lens for the phone; which is enabling me to attempt to show the minute beauty of crops at the allotment, and take pleasure in the smallest of things.



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