Welcome to Spade Fork Spoon. I’m Simon and I’m a husband and stay at home dad. After 15 years of teaching it was time for a change. Spade Fork Spoon is the place where I document the journey from the classroom, into the kitchen, onto my Brighton allotment, and now into the bakery.  Along the way I hope to share the stories, surprises and successes that I have in this change of lifestyle for me, my wife and my two kids.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog. Such gorgeous photos and lovely recipes. I look forward to reading more. Your allotment looks much tidier and less weedy than mine.

  2. I read about you in the ‘kitchen Garden’ mag today and instantly felt a connection …still recovering from 20 years teaching by taking to the spade fork and spoon….big time. All the best.

    • Hey, thanks so much. It’s been a real solace to have a space to go to, somewhere to be creative with no pressures, and have the friendship of fellow allotmenteers. The allotment has been, and continues to be, a great help in my recovery from depression. Thanks for the message I really appreciate it.

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