October at Plot 4

September, with the start of the school year and my work to develop a local bakery in the heart of my community, has sped by. If I’m honest, I’ve neglected the plot a bit. I’ve been there a fair bit, but have been harvesting crops and just enjoying the space, rather than getting on with the jobs I should have been doing. Consequently, the start of October is necessarily going to be a busy one.


There is still a lot to harvest, the autumn fruiting raspberries are still going, as are the blackberries. The beetroot have been a great success and have been used in a range of dishes recently, including this delicious slaw. The squashes are also ripening nicely and I look forward to harvesting the first of the fruits in the next day or so. Squashes to me, are the archetypal autumn vegetable and also one of the most versatile one. They can be used roasted for gnocchi or pasta dishes, in soups, even in cupcakes. The last of tomatoes are ripening too, so I’ll be using these in various dishes, as well as preserving a few too.

At this time of year there is little to sow. I’ve sown a few rows of late lettuce, now that the days are a little shorter and the heat has diminished a little. I’ve got a number of brassica plants and leeks to plant out in the next day or so, although not sown myself they should bring a harvest later in the year.

The autumn tidy up is the main job this month. There’s paths to tidy, greenhouse to clean out, fences to fix, beds to be dug; the list goes on. With the cold weather coming towards the end of the month ahead, I’m also going to make sure I have enough firewood for the log burner. The allotment is a great place to spend time, and having a warm shed to pop into for a hot cup of tea, or just to warm up, makes being there and getting jobs done all the easier.

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13 thoughts on “October at Plot 4

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. The plot is the standard full allotment size. It equates to about 250sqm. I’ve been unemployed for the last year, so have been able to do quite a bit there, but before that and now that I’m working on a new project I probably get there for about 7 hours a week. That’s often a decent chunk at weekends and a few trips in the week for an hour or so. This time of year there is less harvesting to do, so one long session a week works, but in the spring/summer half an hour a day works well. The days are longer too, so a quick trip after work each day kind of works well. Hope that helps.

  1. It is so pretty and your photographs are gorgeous. The berries look good enough to eat and it is all so colourful. You have done a brilliant gardening job this last month 😀

  2. I am looking at starting a community bakery too. Glad to hear you have been enjoying your harvests even though you may have neglected the garden. I just put cardboard over the weeds and mulch then wait till i need to plant anything in that space to save time. I think weeds like the rains you have mind you its warming up here now and the humidity breeds them here too. See you next month.

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