Marmalade Memories

Foods can be amazing at recalling memories; the smell of certain ingredients, or the taste of others can take you back to a different time or place. Whenever I have marmalade on crispy thick cut white toast, it takes me into my grandparents’ kitchen and sharing breakfast with my Grandpa. I love the dark and slightly bitter taste of good marmalade, its a real treat in the morning.

You will need (makes 5-6 450ml jars)

1kg Seville Oranges
75ml Lemon Juice
2kg Demerara Sugar

20140202-091847.jpgGive the oranges a good clean and remove the buttons at the top of the fruit, then cut in half. Squeeze out the juice and keep it to one side. I’ve found that the seville oranges need to have some of the pith from inside the skin removed, which I do using a spoon and scraping away the thicker parts. Using a sharp knife, slice the peel, pith and all, into shreds, according to your preference. Put the sliced peel into a bowl with the juice of the oranges and cover with 2.5 litres of water. Leave to soak overnight.marmalde making

Pour the whole mixture into a preserving pan and simmer until the fruit is tender (about 2 hours), before adding the sugar and the lemon juice. Bring to the boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Boil rapidly until setting point is reached, about 20-25 minutes. Take off the heat. Leave to cool for 8-10 minutes to help the chunks to be distributed evenly. Pour into warm, sterilised jars and seal immediately.

Over the years I have eaten three-fruit, fine-shred, lime, even ginger infused marmalade; but chunky classic marmalade has always taken me back to my Grandpa’s kitchen. What are your marmalade memories?


9 thoughts on “Marmalade Memories

  1. That’s interesting. I did my own post about marmalade making about a week ago, and I’m still busy making batches up for French friends. My recipe (sorry, Dan Leppard’s) resembles yours except for one important thing. I cook the peel without sugar for quite a while to soften it, and have always done this whatever the recipe in other respects. Isn’t it too tough without this stage?

  2. I’ve never made marmalade though I do enjoy making jam. I do believe the local farm shop stocks Seville oranges at this time of year. I may pop there at the weekend to see if there are any left. If not I shall remember for next year.

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