A Haven of Calm and Solitude

20131114-125530.jpgIn my role as a teacher I was constantly talking, or listening to others talk. A typical day involved me spending virtually no time on my own. I was also working in a stressful environment. Teaching is not an obviously stressful job – it’s not like a heart surgeon or an air traffic controller. The stress is in the desire to do the best for the children, to give them the best start to life, to ensure they can access the wonderful world of learning.

Since starting my sabbatical I’ve discovered silence and the power of solitude. I’ve come to realise that one needs to have space to think, to do what you want, to just be. The allotment is a vehicle for this. Yes, the plot is hard work to maintain, but there are no targets or pressures from outside. Also, I can go there and do nothing. Just sit, listen and think; and that’s the beauty, I can choose to do something or not. It allows me to control my time and if I want just enjoy the haven of calm.

Where is your haven of calm?


2 thoughts on “A Haven of Calm and Solitude

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