New Start? Get An Allotment

I’ve blogged before about the benefits to myself of an allotment. It continues to be a place I can achieve peace and relaxation, as well as have small horticultural successes. It seems that I’m not alone in seeing the mental health benefits in having an allotment. Last month my local allotment association published a press release with the results of a survey they had been carrying out.

92% of plot holders either agreed or strongly agreed that allotments improved their mental health or provided stress relief.

Many people across my city are gaining from the health benefits of spending time on an allotment; whether it be through a sense of purpose and relaxation, or a place of exercise. Given that NHS England estimates the cost of mental illness in England alone at £105 billion a year, allotments seem to be extremely good value.

So, if you’re in need of a new start, a new project, a new outlook on this stressful world; then why not get gardening, get a allotment.